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A single panel furry space comic made of bricks.

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The Return of Commander Cottontail by WendyHeatherWood
March 31st, 2017, 8:46 pm
Hey there. Hello! How are you?

Doing good?

Today marks the first day of the return of Commander Cottontail, the single panel furry space comic made of bricks! Previously it was up on its own site which is sort of, well, not there anymore, but no problem! I have all 467 pages saved on this computer here so I can easily upload all four hundred... and...

Yeah, so I'm going to posting these two pages per day for the next 233.5 days because that is just far too big a job to do in one go and also... also I just feel like doing it that way and I think that's a good enough reason.

I hope you enjoy my silly little comic about a stressed out Lego space bunny and his terrible, terrible job.